The Promised Neverland Review

This anime follows three children in an orphanage, Emma, Norman and Ray.


The House is an orphanage home to Emma, Ray and Norman. They are all 11 years old, and are the oldest of the House. They live in this orphanage with many other kids and this orphanage is almost like a paradise. All they do is play, eat, do some kind of school work, sleep. But there is only one rule: never get close to the fence around the House, or the gate entrance. On their birthdays, certain kids are sometimes taken out of the House, to be adopted.

After Connie, a 6 year old girl is taken by their beloved Mama to her new home, Emma sees the stuffed animal of Connie. She decides to go and give it back to her. Norman goes with her, both prepared to break the golden rule, hoping that it’s all for the good of Connie. But when they reach the gate, they see the body of the little Connie, some demons, and their Mama talking with them, seemingly taking orders from them. They discover that night, the secret of the House: they are all livestock, and their fate is just to be eaten. We then follow Emma and Norman and Ray trying to escape their fate, with all the kids.

I personally liked the anime. It was super interesting, like nothing I had seen before. Emma kinda looks like a shounen main character, but with more brains. Norman is very intelligent, Ray is also very intelligent. They all try to come up with ways to escape their fate, without their Mama stopping them. But as the story goes on, it seems like it’s impossible. Their loving Mom proves to be quite strong and smart, thinking few steps ahead, working in the shadows, while letting the kids try vainly to escape. She is very smart, and calm, and seems to love each of the kids of the house. And they all love and respect her.


Towards the end, she does seem to be winning, Norman is shipped, and Emma and Ray seem to lose hope and give up. But then there is a turn of situations. Emma had been faking giving up since when Norman had been shipped, but she had just given charge of the escape training to Gilda and Don, two other kids who they had told the secret of the house to. A plan had been formed and now the kids in the house were told the secret of the house, all except the very young ones, aged under 4. Those who were told the secret were then trained for the day to escape, Emma giving them instructions while faking to have given up. In the end, the plan, which had been designed by Norman the day of his death, was successful. They successfully escaped, leaving the k who were four and under, to come and save them later. We then have some backstory of their Mom, Isabella, and she seems happy that Emma and the other kids have escaped.

I loved this anime, I loved the ending, the plot too. This is a good suspense anime, every moment you will be trying to guess what will happen next. Lots of suspense and mind games and strategy. Also, during the build up of the story, their Mom was shown to be both loving and also kind of manipulative, using people as pawn and having this threatening vibe, which made me wonder, did she really love those children or was she just faking it? It’s quite hard to tell. She seems to love them, she takes great care of them, even when she broke Emma’s leg to try and stop her from resisting or escaping, she hugs her and tries to sooth her gently, like the caring mother she is. I loved her character. In the end, we are shown that she had learned of the House’s secret the day she was to be shipped, and she choose to become a Mom. For survival I guess. She knew that it was impossible to escape the house. She used to be like Emma when she was a kid.

This anime is quite inspiring. one tings I can say is that it teaches that when there is the will, there is a way. And also, sometimes you might think something is impossible, until you don’t have any choice but to do it. I also learn that sometimes, the best way to fool the enemy, is to fool everyone, even your best friend. Also never underestimate anyone, you don’t know what they are capable of with the right push, like the other kids in the orphanage. Ray thought they could not escape with everyone, thinking some might just be a burden. But with the right training and drive, they all made it.
This anime is really one of the best I’ve ever watched. Definitely recommend. I don’t usually re-watch things I have already watched, but this one, I think I will.

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I got out from my house, set course to the cliff,
Today I wlll find out what’s at the buttom of it.
I tried to not think about it the whole night,
So I won’t hesitate when the time arrives.
The sun has risen, I’m there at the border.
I can see the abyss, it’s just darkness.
“Now, jump”, I tell my self.
But my mind says, “One more day.”
I stand there, contemplating the fall,
It will probably hurt, but not for long.
But I can’t move, my body feels frozen.
My mind says “No, wait!”
“What about family? What about your friends?
The pain you’ll cause, the emptiness.”
I try to reason it out, tell my mind they’ll all be fine,
“But will they be happy? And what about your dreams?
Why not try again, one last time,
Try to accomplish just one task,
Maybe after that, you can go ahead,
Take the fall, dicover the button of the cliff”
So I stand there, battling against myself,
My mind showing me a light at the end of the tunnel,
Once again, I believe it might get better,
I can do it if I just work harder.
Hope comes again to me,
Takes my feet to the house, far from the cliff.
I’m high on hope, I’ve had my fix,
Maybe this time I can make it.

Hope by Sir Crocodile @all_poetry


Right or wrong, where do I lie?
Reality seems to tell me: "both, neither.
"Make your own path, follow it truly,
As long as your heart doesn't wavers,
You will not regret it."
But I do have doubts, How do I deal with the doubts?
The unanswered questions, the uncertainty of the way.
No path seem to be sure enough, I doubt them all,
My heart shakes, my mind is confused at the crossroad.

Maybe I should follow the "safest" road,
Maybe it's not so bad.
I could follow the path the others take, 
So I won't be alone down the road...
I wanted to delay the decision, I press snooze.
But it won't let me, it keeps coming every time.

I guess I may have to play head or tails
Or trow a dice,
Then close my eyes and my mind
Then follow the path chosen by fate or chance...

Confused! by Sir Crocodile @all_poetry

Nice Time Last Summer

I’ve never been one to cuddle, hold hands and hug;
Usually makes me feel uncomfortable.
I usually prefer spending nice time with nice people,
People I care for and who care too, ensemble.

You made me get out of my comfort zone,
Though just by few inches,
And only you, I could long for a hug
Hug and keep my cool.

I won’t forget those hot afternoons,
Together we were playing, running up and down,
Enjoying the day, having a nice time.
Eat some ice cream, then rush back home,
Just so we could put some A/C.
(It was quite a hot summer)
The late night shows we used to watch,
The books we read and reviewed;
The schoolwork we used to do together,
So many nice moments, spent together.

I hope wherever you are,
You don’t forget those times,
You don’t forget how nice it was,
To be us, just you and I.

Sir Crocodile @all_poetry

A Dream

Hello Diary.
I woke up this morning.
I think I made a dream.
But just as I tried to remember it,
It vanished.

Now all I know is
The dream was exciting.
Some bits of the ending
Keep coming to me
But the whole dream is gone
I can’t remember it.

At least I know it wasn’t a nightmare.
I’d like to watch it again.
Too bad. Too bad.
Just as I tried to remember it,
It vanished from my memory.
All I’m left with,
Is just the final feeling:
Oh, it was a nice dream!

Dream by Sir Crocodile @all_poetry

The Journey Begins


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Hello, I’m Frank.

I’m not really good with words, but I’m a little bit better at writing than talking, so I thought I could, well, express myself where I’m best.

I don’t have a lot of hobbies or means to actually do what I’d like to do. I’m quite boring. But the blog is a platform for me to share my daily routines or experiences, and if possible maybe touch someone out there going through the same things as me, or liking same things as me, or hating same things as me…OK! I’m getting a little bit out of topic.

Well, this is the first post on Franks’ Blog. This blog has no real theme, just to like vent out, share some of my life. Yeah.  I hope you will like the journey.

Thanks for joining me!

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